In-Class Blowjob

“Today we’ll be learning how to write essays, since so many of you failed the last ones,” Mr. Kent said in a bored drawl. It was a hot Monday afternoon, and the class was pissed off. Mr. Kent had revealed their marks for their first Year 12 assessment, and it was clear that he was a hard marker; nobody had scored above a 65%.

James felt like mutiny was in the air. Nobody had their books open. Nobody was paying attention. The school had a strict no phones policy, but half the class was on Fuck Book. Mr. Kent had asked two guys to put their phones away already, but they had flat out refused, and he hadn’t been able to stop them.

“Get out your books and copy what I write on the board,” Kent said, glaring at the guys and girls sitting at the desks. Nobody made a move.

“Do as I say,” Kent growled. Still nobody moved. It was too hot to do work.

Mr. Kent marched over to the door and opened it up, then just walked out of class.

“What the hell?” Shelly asked as Kent left. James looked over to the girl and shrugged. Shelly was his girlfriend for the past two months, mostly because she had a mouth like a motorboat. Shelly spent most of her time at lunch breaks on her knees, but she also had a great sense of humor, so James had had to take her out. Somehow, they’d ended up dating.

Over on the other side of the class one of the popular girls had taken off her shirt and had a guy sucking on each nipple. She played on her phone and yawned.

They waited for a few minutes, long enough that James considered pulling down Shelly’s panties and giving her a thorough anal fuck; but then the door opened and Mr. Kent appeared in class.

“Since you lot won’t pay attention,” Mr. Kent said, “I thought I’d bring in some help.”

A group of naked girls walked in, talking and laughing amongst themselves. The Study Aids.

“I know you’re not scheduled to receive pleasure from the Study Aids today, but… maybe I was a little harsh in marking. If you can pay attention, then we can have a little fun. Go on, girls.”

Mr. Kent slapped each girl on the ass as they entered the classroom. There were 15 in all, enough for one to every student, and they quickly crawled under the desks and got to work. Shelly waved at Alice, one of her friends, as she took position below James’s desk. Alice was a pretty brunette with braces, and she always loved to laugh. When her mouth wasn’t filled with cock.

“Alice! Did you manage to do our geometry homework?” Shelby asked as Alice unzipped James’ jeans. He helped her by wriggling out of his underwear and exposing his rock-hard cock for her pleasure. She grabbed it in one had and began jerking him off as she talked to Shelby.

“I never got it finished. We should work on it at lunch,” Alice said. She had a pretty face even without makeup. Mr. Kent cleared his throat and she raised her eyebrows, smiled, and effectively stopped talking by filled her mouth with dick.

James sighed as the wet hole lowered over his cock. He could feel the girl’s warm tongue slicking along the side and tip, teasing him, daring him to cum. He tried his best to ignore her and focus on Mr. Kent, who was now talking to a very attentive class.

The heat, the anger at the class’s scores on tests, had all been forgotten, and there was complete silence, but for the sound of eager sucking going on below the tables. Even the girls had their fun; because there was one Study Aid to each student, each female student was sitting on another girl’s face.

“We’ll be following the TEEL outline for our essays, which is the most basic…” Mr. Kent went on, drawing the acronym on the board. James looked around the class, watched as some of his classmates let their girls suck at a leisurely pace; some brutally facefucked and dropped a load down an eager throat; others gave their girls a white, sticky facial. The girls ranged, too, from sitting still to riding wildly, and some of them had already cum hard into the faces of their peers.

Shelby was looking over at Alice sucking James’ cock, and she had one hand under her thin shirt, playing with her hard nipples.

“She’s really going hard,” Shelby whispered with a smile. James didn’t know if she was referring to Alice or to the study aid under her own desk, face pressed hard into Shelby’s wet pussy.

James nodded and placed one weak hand on the back of Alice’s head. The girl was speeding up, as if she was trying to impress Shelby. James didn’t mind. She was deepthroating him hard, and he wanted to give her a thick throatpie, but he wasn’t there just yet. A few more moments.

He looked around at the orgasmic expressions on the female students and he smiled and grabbed Alice’s head with his other hand as well. A girl these days could take a thorough facefucking without gagging, but he thrust so hard into Alice’s face that the poor girl must have almost got a concussion.

He pounded away with his cock rubbing the walls of her throat and he looked over to his girlfriend as he groaned and spurted down deep inside. Alice made a little coughing noise but her porcelain throat gulped the juices down, one spurt at a time, eating the majority of his load.

He panted and pulled out of her mouth, his tip shooting a few extra threads of jizz onto her tongue. She obediently held her mouth open and he felt himself grow even more excited as he saw the way the jizz played across her braces.

“Swallow,” he ordered. She gulped and ate the rest of his load, and he slowly pushed her head back onto his cock again. She began to suck slowly, knowing how sensitive he was just after finishing.

They had an hour left of the lesson, which meant that he could probably drop off another couple of loads before the bell. He reached over and playfully tweaked Shelby’s nipple before opening his book. He began to copy down the notes Mr. Kent wrote on the board. This was turning out to be a great class.